Study MBBS in Hungary

Studying MBBS abroad in Hungary offers students a degree recognized across the European Union. With its accessible entry requirements and affordable tuition fees, Hungary has become a popular destination for aspiring medical students. In Hungary, an MBBS is a 6-year bachelor’s degree in medicine, commonly referred to as an M.D. It serves as an undergraduate program in medicine, providing students with a solid foundation for their medical career. Choosing Hungary for medical studies not only ensures a quality education but also opens doors to professional opportunities throughout Europe.

  • Students studying in Hungary can complete their internship program at world-class
    medical colleges and hospitals worldwide.
  • The tuition fee is relatively low and affordable are low compare to other EU countries
  • Hostel accommodations are comfortable and up to the mark for a student's comfort.
  • 10 th score card
  • 12 th score card
  • NEET score card
  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Invitation letter from university
  • Proof of university tuition fees payment
  • Passport
  • Sufficient proof to support financial needs during the period of study.
  • Valid insurance
  • Travel plan

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