Our Educational Consultants provides students with a free counselling & assessment which means that you get to clarify all your queries with respect to studying abroad & India and also find out whether you will be able to study abroad or not and the procedures & requirements that you have to meet.

Our Educational Consultants provide you with multiple study abroad & India destinations. We understand that not all individuals prefer to study in the same destination which is why we provide assistance for you to study in some of the best counties in the world .

IHR EDUCATION PVT.LTD , facilitate full fledged training centre for IELTS, OET, German language etc

IHR education provides and complete solution for your financial needs in terms of getting the loan assistance from bank with the show money assistance  required for foreign university visa submissions

IHR education provides forex services to different countries in the forms of currencies, travel card, forex card etc which make the travel of students to foreign countries more flexible.

Our team of expert guides with the cheapest fare services there by facilitating them with the most effective manner

We have a well dedicated team who are available 24*7, who again will be responsible for the pick up and arrangement of  accommodation of students towards foreign universities.

If you need to work on the side to support your pocket money/tuition fee, IHR will advise you to choose your country accordingly. Because there are countries which will allow you to work part time where as some don’t allow to work for part time.